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Tipasa is a mission-driven investment platform providing capital, strategic and operational support to companies and entrepreneurs focused on energy transition and sustainability.

Partners in

To tackle the most pressing challenges facing humanity, we partner with entrepreneurs and leading industry experts while nurturing strong relationships through trust and transparency.

We work for a
future that aligns capital, people and the planet

We accelerate the shift towards a Net Zero emission world by enabling sustainable businesses to thrive through interest & value alignment, relationship building, strategic guidance, and resource sharing.

Driving smart money to the most needed ventures

Solutions to fix climate change are already here. They have to spread fast. 

We need to act now

Climate change disruptions are getting harder to manage. Existing energy infrastructures are driving us to exceed the 1.5° carbon budget before 2030. The pace of progress in energy transition is not fast enough.

We need to invest more

Transforming the global economy to achieve Net Zero emission by 2050 requires $9.2 billion in average annual spending, a lot more than what is spent today. Requirements from public and private financing are massive.

We need to bring smart equity

Financing energy transition business requires a thorough understanding of technological and regulatory issues at play. New skills are needed to overcome the financing bottleneck.

Meet the team

Entrepreneurs, real friends in life, we go back, became dads at the same time, share strong work ethics and values. We benefit from great complementary skills. Always happy to meet and help.

Stéphane Fisch

The Finance Wizard in New York

Ahmed Guenaoui

The Energy Explorer in Paris

Pierre Le Normand

The Get-Things-Done Master in London

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